Become a Graduate Apprentice
Our courses start annually in August-September. Graduate Apprenticeships fill up quickly, so apply now!


As a Graduate Apprentice, you benefit by being both a full-time employee and a matriculated student. If you prefer a more practical and work-related approach to study and have a clear idea of the career you want to pursue, then Graduate Apprenticeships are ideal for you.

Benefits of a Graduate Apprenticeship

  • Achieve an Honours degree level qualification whilst in full-time, paid employment.
  • Graduate without paying tuition fees or taking out a student loan.
  • Build the skills and knowledge that Scottish businesses need and grow your career.
  • Put learning into practice – solve problems on real projects in your workplace and apply   learning to the world of work.
  • Enjoy the same access to university facilities and student discounts as full-time students.
  • Already have a degree? You can still apply for a Graduate Apprenticeship, as long as your existing degree qualification is in a different subject area to your chosen GA.
  • Learn alongside other Graduate Apprentices and build your professional network.
  • No upper age limit for applicants.
Contact our Graduate Apprenticeship team

Contact our team to begin your Graduate Apprenticeship journey.

Who Can Apply?

To meet residence conditions you must have settled status and have been living in the UK for three years immediately before the start of your course. You must also be living in Scotland on the day your course starts. You must be over 16, however there is no upper age limit.

You can either be in permanent employment or apply for a suitable vacancy. If you are already working, proof of employment is required as part of your application. You are not eligible to apply if you are subject to an employment restriction and/or to a time limit on your stay in UK.

Applicants must also have relevant qualifications and/or work experience, you can find out more about entry requirements on our GA course listings.

Visit the SAAS website for more information on Graduate Apprenticeship eligibility and residence criteria.

How does it work? 

Graduate Apprentices typically work full-time but must work a minimum of 21 hours per week. A full-time employee will spend 20% of their work time in academic study through a mixture of classroom attendance, work-based learning, and distance learning.

As Apprentices progress through the course, more of their job role is used to gain credit towards their final award. This is done through our Professional Practice modules, which are designed to value learning opportunities the apprentices gain in the workplace. You will be supported through mentorship from both the University and your employer to advise on all aspects of study and work. Regular progress meetings are also held between you, your employer, and the university.

Assessments are through a mixture of class tests, exams, reports and individual & group projects, all while blending work and learning as much as possible.

Search and Apply for Vacancies

Search and apply for Graduate Apprenticeships on  You’ll need a CV, and we recommend checking the website regularly for new vacancies.

Already in work?

Get in touch with us and we can arrange a chat. You will need support from your employer, and your job role must be relevant to your chosen subject area.

Completed a Modern Apprenticeship?

If you've completed, or on track to complete, a Modern Apprenticeship in a similar subject, you can apply to continue your learning by studying a Graduate Apprenticeship. Email us on for more information, or to arrange a chat with you and your employer.

During application, we will ensure that you join your chosen course at the right level, recognising any prior learning undertaken on your MA.


Completed a Foundation Apprenticeship?

We accept Foundation Apprenticeships, in combination with other suitable academic qualifications, for entry onto our Graduate Apprenticeships. We offer enhanced recognition if you’re applying for a Graduate Apprenticeship in a similar subject area as your Foundation Apprenticeship.

All Foundation Apprenticeships are recognised as 1 Higher A by the university, and if you’re applying for a GA in the same subject area, your Foundation Apprenticeship will be recognised as 2 Highers B.