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Sustainability and green practices: The role of stakeholder power in fast-food franchise chains
  Purpose - This paper explores how the power of salient stakeholders involved in the green waste management of franchise chains can impact the ability of the chains to change their green practices.
Design/methodology/approach - This qualitative study is based on interview data from 19 franchisors and their head office staff operating in the fast-food sector in France where franchise chains have been ‘named and shamed’ as continuing to ignore waste management regulation.
Findings - Our findings suggest that both the form and bases of power of different stakeholder groups have important implications for the implementation of green practices, even those required by law. We find that the franchisees’ central network position alters the ability of franchisors to directly engage in dialog, consult with, and educate key stakeholders, creating additional challenges for franchisors in the implementation process.
Research implications/limitations - The qualitative nature of our study limits our ability to generalize our findings. Future studies could develop an instrument to assess franchisor perceptions of stakeholder power.
Practical implications - Our findings suggest that franchisors should consider carefully how they communicate changes to green practices to their franchisees in order to ensure not only their compliance, but also their motivation to engage with those stakeholders with whom they have regular interactions. Our findings can also help governments to better understand how to involve other stakeholders to ensure effective environmental legislation.

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    25 August 2021

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Perrigot, R., Watson, A., & (Lola) Dada, O. (2021). Sustainability and green practices: The role of stakeholder power in fast-food franchise chains. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 33(10), 3442-3464.


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