What do Generation Y want from leisure events? We’re exploring this question and others.

How do you attract Generation Y customers?

If you’re aged between 18 and 35 when you read this, you’re a member of Generation Y, and you’re different. A study by the University’s Business School looked at what makes this demographic distinct and what can be done to make businesses and attractions in tourism and leisure more relevant and attractive for this generation of consumers.

Global reach of project

Initial work began with internal funding and focused on UK visitor attractions, then through successful external funding, expanded to include hotels and attractions in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

Themed and special events

The study revealed a generation attracted to deals and packages, and which relies on recommendation via word-of-mouth and networking. More than other age groups, Gen Ys love themed and special events, especially when they’re out of hours. They like to stay up late, it seems.

“Gen Y appreciate the exclusivity of a special themed event – and if that event happens when older people and young families have all gone home, so much the better,” said Professor Paul Barron.

National Museum of Scotland

A close relationship with the National Museum of Scotland developed through the course of the project and contributed to a series of after-hours, adult-only events that combined social and education interaction. Alongside traditional attractions, Gen Y museum-goers enjoyed live music, comedy and food and drink.

“The use of social media, including Facebook, Twitter and new smartphone apps, has been vital in reaching the Gen Ys,” added Professor Anna Leask.

The team for this project are Professor Anna Leask and Professor Paul Barron

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