Will you be attending an Open Day with a future Edinburgh Napier University student this year?

We acknowledge that not everyone can, or wants to, bring their parent or guardian - so we call all our students' most important people 'Open Day Guests'.

Step back and let them take the lead

Students can bring parents, guardians, friends or any relation they think will be helpful to navigate the Open Day and ask all their top questions. But the content on offer is primarily for potential students and future applicants to get an idea of if Edinburgh Napier University will be a good fit for them.

This can mean wanting to explore the campus in detail on a guided tour, talking to students about university social life and taking an interest in presentations.

Be prepared to take a step back and encourage them to do their own thing. They’ll be the one potentially studying and living here, after all.

Help with questions that could slip through the gaps

That said, you should feel free to ask questions and offer your insight. There will likely be things that you see as hugely important but the person you’re with hasn’t even considered.

More practical queries about accommodation fees, career support and student wellbeing services are just as important as course information and the local price of a pint.

You should try to be objective but your opinions could prove an important decision-making factor.

Enjoy the quality time and explore the city

Being involved in the university selection process is a great way to spend time with someone preparing to take the next big step in their life. It's a big deal to be invited along to an Open Day as a guest, the future student in your life has chosen you specifically to come along. Whether you’re there for moral support, to have your own questions answered, or if you’re just the designated driver, you can get a lot out of the experience.

Open Days should be a fun experience as well as an informative event. Take the opportunity to really discuss what they’re looking for and why Edinburgh Napier might be the right choice.

You could even plan to spend a bit more time in the city that could potentially become their new home. Edinburgh has a lot to offer for even a few hours of exploring.