You may be eligible to get some help with the cost of studying here by applying to one of our scholarships.

Living costs

You'll need enough money to pay for your fees and living costs while studying in Edinburgh.

The living costs requirement for international students is set by UK Visas and Immigration. For Edinburgh it's £1,023 per month.

Visit our international students section for more information on Visas and Immigration.

Living costs will vary depending on individual budgets and lifestyles. We recommend you try and create a monthly budget to keep track of your spending.

The Edinburgh Napier Students' Association have advice and resources on what life is really like at Edinburgh Napier.

Students will often take on part-time work opportunities to support their studies and lifestyle. You can find out more information about such opportunities via our careers team and the number of hours you are permitted to work as a Tier 4 visa student from the UK Council for International Student Affairs.

Fee Status

If you’re unsure whether you're an Overseas student, fill out our tuition fee classification questionnaire and we will determine your fee status.

Contact us

Contact our International Team to ask any questions you have about studying with us, arrange a chat or find out when we will be in your country next.