The Student Accommodation staff at Edinburgh Napier University are well aware of how the anxiety and stress of coming to university can impact the whole family, but we are here to help.

Due to GDPR, we are restricted on the information we can share with parents and carers, both during the application process and while students are staying in accommodation. Financially, we can discuss a student's arrears amount with the guarantor, but no explanation can be given in regards to charges incurred by the student.

However, students can give permission to allow us to discuss specific aspects with their parents, carers or family. The student must email from their Edinburgh Napier University email account giving the name of the person we can discuss the situation with and for what specific reason. E.g.:

  • "I am happy for you to discuss all aspects of student accommodation including my application, allocation and financial situation for the total length of my tenancy with my mother named Kathleen Anderson."
  • "Please only discuss the allocation of accommodation with my uncle named Alexander Slattie to ensure it meets my needs as I require hearing aid equipment."

Students with additional support requirements

If a student has additional support requirements and they would like a parent or carer to talk on their behalf or receive updates at any time, we will need this in writing from the student along with details of what we can disclose. Preferably this would be sent from the student's Edinburgh Napier University email account.

Due to GDPR we are unable to release any information without the student's consent even if the parent or carer is the guarantor, unless this is regards to rent arrears.

Length of tenancy

We only offer 39 week tenancies to all undergraduate students with the exception of nursing students and 50 week tenancies to undergraduate nursing student.  Postgraduates have the option of 39 or 50 week tenancies. We offer a small number of 1 trimester spaces.

Please note the length of tenancies we offer, as detailed above, may exceed academic requirements however we cannot adjust/reduce the length of tenancy to meet individual requirements. 

Student accommodation and what to bring

Our flat developments are modern, purpose-built accommodation, located in and around the city centre and within easy access to Edinburgh Napier University campuses.  Most flats have between four and eight people sharing and include standard equipment such as:

Smart TVs in all communal lounges, cooker, fridge/freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster, ironing board and other standard cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaners and irons. The bedrooms include a ¾ double bed, desk, study chair, wardrobe and bookshelves.

You can access free Wifi from all our flats and social areas.

There is no parking facilities at any of our sites except for students who have a blue badge.  For further information regarding parking in Edinburgh please contact Edinburgh City Council.

Although this list is not exhaustive we suggest you bring the following: bedding, duvet, blankets, sheets, pillows, pillow cases, crockery, cutlery, kitchen utensils eg tin opener, pots and pans, measuring jug. In en-suite please remember towels and toilet roll.

What happens when the student's current tenancy comes to an end?

Students will receive an email as well as a Notice to Quit 28-Day Notice Package by post to assist them in vacating their student accommodation and setting the expectations in regards to cleaning and check-out.

What happens if students wish to end their tenancy agreement early?

Students will only be released from the Edinburgh Napier University Tenancy Agreement early if they are leaving the university and for no other reason. Initially, the student should contact their Accommodation Officer (AO) whose contact details are on their kitchen noticeboard to start the process.  The student must ensure their Accommodation Officer receives a fully completed early termination request form (attached below) and an email from their tutor/course support staff confirming they are leaving the university and the course. Only once the Accommodation Officer has received these two pieces of evidence will the early termination be approved and notice period begin.  Once approved, the early termination will start the 28 day notice period. During this notice period the student will remain financially responsible for all rental costs and charges incurred.  The students monthly recurring card payment will remain active during the notice period allowing monthly rental payments to be made.  The student will be charged a £50 early termination fee.

If the student wants to discuss early termination due to an exceptional circumstance or is finding any difficulty in completing the early termination process please contact the Accommodation Officer or Student Accommodation Team for assistance.  If the student has not had a response after 48 hours of requesting tutor confirmation we would encourage you to contact Admissions on 0131 455 2883 for another contact within the same academic team to provide evidence you have left university/course.

Once the Accommodation Officer sends the early termination financial paperwork to our finance team, they will work out your total rental cost (including your 28 day notice period) minus any charges from your total payments.  The student will then be made aware of a refund or deficit on their account by our finance team and a refund/payment will be requested. 

Students who sign a Nominations Tenancy Agreement will generally not be released from tenancy agreement early.

What help is available for students looking in the private sector?

While we’re generally unable to offer accommodation to students after their first year at Edinburgh Napier, unless in exceptional circumstances, we want to help as much as we can to make sure our residents are ready to take the exciting next step in their university journey.

Important Reminder

Due to the ongoing housing and cost of living crisis, private accommodation is more difficult to find and may be more expensive than usual. Please take this into consideration when looking for accommodation within the private sector and start your search as soon as possible.


If a student requires a reference for a new landlord or agent, they will need to complete our reference authority form and return it to the Accommodation Office at A reference will then be sent directly to the student's new landlord or agent within five working days.
Many private sector providers require a UK-based guarantor. Unfortunately, Edinburgh Napier University and Student Accommodation cannot assist offering this service, but private sector landlord or agencies may consider waiving this requirement if an additional upfront payment is made.

Private Accommodation Fair

We run an annual Private Accommodation Fair in February so students can find out what's available and get advice on renting within the private sector.

We extend an invite to all of Edinburgh’s private student accommodations and letting agents, and we also have ENSA and Shelter Scotland on hand to provide hints and tips on how to rent within the private sector. Snacks and drinks are also available throughout the afternoon. 

Our 2024/25 fair is scheduled for 26 February 2025 at 12-3pm.

Private Accommodation Support

We have a dedicated page for assisting students in their search for private accommodation. We also provide private sector support events offering telephone and PC access and general advice. These events are to support students trying to find accommodation within the private sector. Please not that while we can offer a second opinion, pointers, support and information, we cannot find listings and flats for students, or recommend specific letting agents. 

This year's Private Sector Support Event will run on the following dates:

Monday 9 September – Friday 13 September 2024 between 2pm-4.30pm. Main face-to-face support sessions will be located in the Bainfield  student accommodation main office (above the common room). A dedicated member of staff will be available on hand to help with any questions and help with arranging viewings/correspondence if needed. Students will have access to a laptop and internet, a printer, as well as a phone with a UK SIM card. Students can ask for a second opinion on whether a listing looks legitimate and if the price is fair. There will also be a whiteboard for students to share their details to find fellow students searching for flats, so they can contact each other.

Monday 16 September – Friday 20 September 2024 between 9am-5pm. One-on-one pre-booked Microsoft Teams sessions. Please email to book an appointment.


Early Termination Request Form