(SFF.DeepT+) Deep Tech in HEIs and Ecosystems through Entrepreneurial Education+
  SFF.DeepT+ Project sets the pathway to the future, towards 2030 and beyond, with a new Systemic DeepTech Innovation
framework involving (as drivers and key-actors) the relevant stakeholders of an Open European Innovation Ecosystem. The
Project is grounded in the consolidated Start for Future initiative and community, being the driver of a NEW DEAL OF
INNOVATION bringing, and bridging the Knowledge Triangle partners, together with an effective collaborative capacity built
through the understanding of interconnectedness in achieving synergies of co-creation among partners, being capable of
adapting for changes emerging from society.
It is part of the mission of SFF.DeepT+ to change the perspective on innovation by building a fast-growing alliance and,
therefore, creating a university-driven Ecosystem that endorses innovation and its impact on society at economical, ecological,
technological, and societal levels.

  • Start Date:

    1 May 2023

  • End Date:

    31 July 2024

  • Funder:

    EIT Urban Mobility

Project Team