Mountain Bike Coaching App
  Dirt School are looking to develop their digital platform, and find new ways of teaching students. They have a requirement for a digital teaching solution that will use innovative video features to allow students to compare their own videos of techniques to pre-recorded video examples.
This project will build on earlier design work to implement a first version of a mobile coaching application. This tool will include the following primary features:
·         Pre-recorded video examples of techniques
·         Instructional annotations for the chosen techniques
·         Ability for users to upload a short clip of themselves doing the chosen technique
Additionally, alongside the delivery of these features, the application should provide the following functions:
·         Watch examples in real time, slow motion and by using a manual scroll wheel
·         Flick sideways between the correct technique and their own attempt (full screen)
·         Watch examples in split screen, comparing their attempt to the correct example
·         Purchase additional content

  • Start Date:

    3 October 2013

  • End Date:

    29 November 2013

  • Activity Type:

    Externally Funded Research

  • Funder:

    Sporting Chance Initiative

  • Value:


Project Team