Development of an immobilized artificial membrane liquid chromatography /mass spectrometry-based platform to assess the pulmonary permeability of drug candidates.
  In this project, 53 analytes whose apparent permeability through Calu-3 cell line is known from the literature (Lin, Chiu, Wang, & Tung, 2022) will be studied by immobilized artificial membrane (IAM)- HPLC. Indeed, Berry and co-workers (Zemski Berry, Murphy, Kosmider, & Mason, 2017) in a lipidomic characterization of the lungs highlighted that PC(18:0_20:4) and PI(18:0_20:4) these diacyl AA-containing phospholipids were the most abundant in the BECs.

The commercially available IAM phases are indeed based on PC analogues and will be used in HPLC to derive – alone or in combination with n-octanol/water lipophilicity – indexes of affinity for this strategic phospholipid (Russo, Grumetto, Szucs, Barbato, & Lynen, 2017).

  • Start Date:

    12 June 2023

  • End Date:

    4 August 2023

  • Activity Type:

    Externally Funded Research

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