Capital City Partnership - Employment and Inclusion - A Baseline Study
  The aim of this project was to review the labour market and policy context for, and make an evaluation of, CCP's Joined Up For Jobs (JU4J) strategy, Edinburgh's employability agreement. An ERI research team carried out a range of activities, which included an analysis of trends in the Edinburgh labour market, supply and demand for skills and the characteristics of JU4J's target groups. They also conducted a review of patterns of funding and the provision of employability services compared to an assessment of the needs of socially excluded groups, research on the Edinburgh's sectoral Employment Academies, and a review of JU4J's progress against its targets, national policy milestones and the objectives of the European Employment Strategy. The research informed the development of JU4Js and local social inclusion initiatives in Edinburgh. The ERI was also commissioned to conduct follow-on research into equalities issues in the JU4Js strategy.

  • Start Date:

    6 January 2014

  • End Date:

    6 January 2014

  • Activity Type:

    Externally Funded Research

  • Funder:

    Capital City Partnership

  • Value:


Project Team