The role of the human cathelicidin LL-37 in rhinovirus infection
  The PhD project which I am undertaking is focused on understanding the role of cathelicidins during respiratory viral infections. Cathelicidins are part of a larger group of peptides called cationic host defense peptides (CHDPs) that constitute a major component of the human innate immune system. Human rhinovirus (HRV) and influenza A virus (IAV) are the most common causes of symptomatic respiratory infections. There is an urgent need to develop novel treatments for these infection, and thus, this project is focussed on understanding the antiviral properties of cathelicidins and their capacity to inform the development of novel prophylactic and /or therapeutic strategies against HRV and IAV

  • Dates:

    2014 to 2019

  • Qualification:

    Doctorate (PhD)

Project Team