Enhancing storm surge resilience for coastal habitat: A framework to support sustainable development
  In most countries, population, poor management of water policies, infrastructure and coastal development together with poor disaster mitigation policies result in loss of lives and reduction of economic progress. Amongst all types of disasters (like flash flooding, hurricanes, tornados, typhoons, earthquakes, coastal and river flooding etc.), storm surge secures a unique perspective in developed and developing countries with respect to coastal defence. The reason being, understanding the complexity of storm surges and its sensitivity to slightest changes in any of its parameters.

Considering the occurrence of significant events in the past, a profound pressure has been exerted on industries and investors of coastal infrastructures whose assets are directly exposed. Although various industries are working toward finding a better solution, there is always a question for its durability over time and rate of resilience considering the amount of cost and time invested.

The main objective of the study is to investigate the storm surge characteristics, the disaster risk reduction & adaptation methodologies attempted during disaster phases and develop a resilient framework to mitigate storm surge. The research will also focus in making a significant step for the preparedness and adaptation of coastal cities and infrastructures bridging disparity between the present and future requirements by recommending policy change if any.

  • Dates:

    2016 to 2021

  • Qualification:

    Doctorate (PhD)

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