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Veterinary Nurse training in the UK
  Veterinary Nursing in the UK is still a relatively young profession. Whilst it is known that there were animal nurses in existence in the late 1800’s the role and title ‘Veterinary Nurse’ has only been fully
recognised since 1984. Opportunities to train to a national standardhowever have been in place since 1961. There are now 11,700 Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVN) in the UK, with ever increasing opportunities for career progression within general practice, referral practice, research, animal charities,
pharmaceutical companies, boarding kennels and practice management. It is recognised that veterinary nursing is a vital qualification providing a critical role within the veterinary team, raising standards in veterinary practice, improving animal welfare and enhancing client communication. Veterinary Nurses must have the necessary training essential for the professional responsibilities that go with maintaining standards, autonomy and most mportantly, the regulation of the profession.

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    14 November 2015

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Cooper, B., & Smith, D. (2015). Veterinary Nurse training in the UK



Veterinary nurse training; veterinary nurse education; education development;

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