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Using AGADE Traffic to Analyse Purpose-driven Travel Behaviour
  AGADE Traffic is an agent-based traffic simulator that can be used to analyse purpose-driven travel behaviour of individuals that leads to the emergence of systemic patterns in mobility. The simulator uses semantic technology to model knowledge of individuals and thus is able to capture individual preferences and personal objectives as determining factors of travel decisions. This creates a deeper understanding of the individuals and allows for new analysis options. Using an example, we give an overview of analysis instruments implemented in our simulator that are particularly suitable to examine results of individual-based simulations.


Nguyen, J., Powers, S. T., Urquhart, N., Farrenkopf, T., & Guckert, M. (2021). Using AGADE Traffic to Analyse Purpose-driven Travel Behaviour. In Advances in Practical Applications of Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, and Social Good: The PAAMS Collection 19th International Conference, PAAMS 2021, Salamanca, Spain, October 6–8, 2021, Proceedings (363-366).



Traffic Simulation, Behaviour Analysis, Agent Systems

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