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Thermal and Acoustic Properties of Sustainable Structural Lightweight Aggregate Rubberized Concrete
  This study investigated the effect crumb rubber recycled from wasted tires on properties of structural lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC). Two types of concrete were tested: control LWAC and rubberized lightweight aggregate concrete (RLWAC). The control LWAC consisted of cement, fine aggregate (river sand), and lightweight coarse aggregate (porous aggregates). For the RLWAC, the fine aggregate was replaced by crumb rubber at the rate of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50% by volume. The water to cement ratio for both concrete types was set at 0.35. The experiment series consisted of density (ASTM C567), compressive strength (ASTM C39), flexural strength (ASTM C78), thermal conductivity (ASTM C518), and sound absorption coefficient (ISO 10534-2). Results showed the decrease in density of about 10%, compressive strength of 21.4%, and flexural strength of 35.4% with the increasing crumb rubber replacement ratio up to 50%. For thermal and sound properties, the increasing crumb rubber content of up to 50% improved the thermal insulation of concrete, as seen by the decrease in thermal conductivity by about 14.6%. RLWAC also exhibited superior sound insulating properties to LWAC as seen by higher sound absorption coefficient over the working sound frequency range. In order to satisfy the requirements of ASTM C330 and ACI 318, the optimum crumb rubber replacement was recommended at less than 10%.

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    13 January 2022

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    British Council; National Research Council of Thailand


Pongsopha, P., Sukontasukkul, P., Zhang, H., & Limkatanyu, S. (2022). Thermal and Acoustic Properties of Sustainable Structural Lightweight Aggregate Rubberized Concrete. Results in Engineering, 13, Article 100333.



Structural lightweight concrete; Rubberized lightweight aggregate concrete; Recycled waste tires; Crumb rubber; Thermal conductivity; Sound absorption coefficient

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