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The origin story: behind the scenes of food festivals
  The relationships between food festivals and food storytelling have been scarcely explored by previous research. Nevertheless, these relationships are a source of memorable experiences, based on the authenticity of food places and stories. Drawing on the analysis of the storytelling strategies of the Festival oríGenes (Spanish word for origins), this research demonstrates the importance of product and producer stories in creating a distinct narrative of place through gastronomy. Results identify the relevance of the value chain from land to table (or bar to bean), where stakeholders engage with the origin of the product, respect the producer, and acknowledge the traditional knowledge in food production. Values such as creativity, education and family are presented in relation to food consumption. This paper contributes to the understanding of how and why food festivals generate food storytelling behind the scenes.


Orea-Giner, A., Fusté-Forné, F., & Todd, L. (in press). The origin story: behind the scenes of food festivals. Event Management,



food tourism, gastronomy, narrative analysis, storytelling

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