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Simulation of a Solar Dryer for Use in Developing Countries
  This paper examines the implementation of solar dryers in developing countries. Simulations were carried out using a simple model of a solar dryer to validate the drying process for various crops and fish products. The solar dryer simulator model in this research is designed as a multi-level, inclined solar air collector with built-in fans at the inlets for forced hot air convection. The performance of the solar dryer is evaluated using different variables, such as changes in temperature at the inlets, variations in velocity, different values of solar irradiance, and changes in design materials. Based on the results, it is concluded that solar dryers can provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution for preserving agricultural produce in developing countries, reducing post-harvest losses, and improving food security.


Muhammad-Sukki, F., Abiola Oladimeji, A., Sola, P. J., See, C. H., Bani, N. A., Muhtazaruddin, M. N., …Ahmad Kamil, A. S. (2023). Simulation of a Solar Dryer for Use in Developing Countries. In 2023 International Conference on Power and Renewable Energy Engineering (PREE).


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