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In the face of adversity: Resiliency in winter sport athletes
  Objectives. — To explore winter sports athletes’ experiences of adversity within their sporting careers.
Methods. — Data were collected from semi-structured interviews with seven British elite winter sports athletes (mean age = 23.1 years, S.D. = 2.4), representing a range of winter sport disciplines.
Results. — Twelve general dimensions emerged, serving to support the pioneering conceptual model of sport resilience, and emphasizing the role previous experiences of adversity have on the acquisition of resilient qualities.
Conclusions. — The findings from this study have the potential to inform applied sport psychology practice. Specifically regarding the development of a ‘resiliency package’, which could aim to protect athletes from maladaptive and/or dysfunctional responses to adversity, and encourage adaptive and resilient reintegration.

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    07 February 2015

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    Elsevier BV

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    RC1200 Sports Medicine


Brown, H. E., Lafferty, M. E., & Triggs, C. (2015). In the face of adversity: Resiliency in winter sport athletes. Science and Sports, 30(5), 105-117.



Resilience, reintegration, qualitative, elite,

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