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Improved Group-Based Signaling Scheme for Mobile Nodes in the Internet of Things Networks
  One of the most important challenge in the mobility management protocols is maintaining the MN’s IP connectivity and its accessibility during its movement. Although mobility protocols have come a long way in solving this issue in IP-WSNs, they still suffer from system performance degradation during the handoff process (e.g., long handover time and heavy signaling), which is not allowable specially in the real-time applications. In this article, Enhanced Mobility Cluster Sensor Proxy Mobile IPv6 (EM-CSPMIPv6) scheme is proposed to solve these issues via keeping the MN reachable while minimizing the time of inaccessible network. EM-CSPMIPv6 introduces a fast handover scheme through applying two mechanisms. In the NON-Remote clustering (CN-MN) mechanism, this done through clustering the MNs that are moving as a group to register them in advance before their actual handoff. In the Remote-based Clustering (CR-MN) mechanism, we suggest to simultaneously manipulate mobility-related signaling of the MNs arriving to the target Access Rout (AR) at the same time to reduce the bandwidth waste and the signaling cost. To verify our proposed scheme, an extensive simulation is performed through comparing EM-CSPMIPv6 with FMIPv6 protocol and GB-FH method. The results show that the EM-CSPMIPv6 increases the performance of system in terms of handoff latency, signaling cost and bandwidth usage when compared to the counterpart.

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    03 December 2021

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Ghaleb, S. M., Man, M., Ghaleb, B., Aplop, F., Ghaleb, M., & Al-Hadi, I. A. A. (2022). Improved Group-Based Signaling Scheme for Mobile Nodes in the Internet of Things Networks. In Proceedings of International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Intelligent Systems: ICETIS 2021 Volume 2 (417-434).



IP-WSN, Mobility managements, Fast mobile IPv6, Mobile IPv6, Handover latency

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