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Factors Influencing the Maternal Life Balance of Flemish Mothers, a Cross-Sectional Study
  This cross-sectional study examined the levels of maternal life balance and its influencing factors. The sample was composed of 731 Flemish mothers who self-reported on perceived maternal life balance; maternal-infant bonding; emotional wellbeing and coping responses to motherhood. Sociodemographic details were obtained. Mothers overall perceived life balance. Multiple linear regression analysis revealed a model with predictors of perceived maternal life balance: Sense of coherence (B.157; p.000), level of education (B.035; p.000), seeking social support (B.064; p.008) and shared parenting (B.080; p.030) had a significant positive relationship with maternal life balance. Low emotional wellbeing (B-.273; p.000), income level (B-.144; p < .000), maternal age (B−.009; p.011) had a significant
negative relationship with maternal life balance. To establish and maintain maternal life balance, Flemish mothers, mothers ≥31 years of age in particular, would benefit from support during their children’s pre-primary school age-period, irrespective of maternal socio economic characteristics. Professional and peer support should include the dialogue about transition to motherhood, adaptation of the maternal identity and about maternal role attainment. The woman’s emotional wellbeing, her concerns about motherhood, her coping resources and what motherhood means to the individual woman should be considered. Education of professionals and future research, with specific attention to co-parents, older mothers and mothers with a non-Flemish background, are recommended.

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    16 November 2019

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    Springer Science and Business Media LLC

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Kuipers, J., Van Leugenhaege, L., Van de Craen, N., Van den Branden, L., Bleijenbergh, R., Mestdagh, E., & Van Rompaey, B. (2021). Factors Influencing the Maternal Life Balance of Flemish Mothers, a Cross-Sectional Study. Applied research in quality of life, 16(2), 611-627.



Motherhood ; Maternal ; Life balance ; Bonding ; Emotional wellbeing ; Adaptation

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