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Exploring the Nature of Psychological Resilience in Junior Rugby League Players: A Q-Method Approach
The purpose of this study was to explore the nature of psychological resilience in the context of junior Rugby League, using a novel Q-sort method.
A cross-sectional, quali-quantilogical design
Initially, 29 junior rugby league players (aged 13-14) were recruited in order to generate statements relating to responses to adversity (Q-set). Subsequently, 60 junior rugby league players (aged 13-14) completed a standard Q-sort protocol, ranking 30 statements using a fixed quasi normal distribution, with anchors of +5 (most like me) to -5 (least like me). PQ Method statistical analysis software was used to analyse the data.
Principle component analysis with varimax rotation identified four distinct subgroups that explained 72% of the total variance. These groups were distinguished through patterns relating to: emotional control, unpleasant emotions, personal resources and cognitive strategies. Shared qualities across the 4 subgroups were also identified, and included low ratings for evasion strategies, and seeking support, whilst generally high ratings for perseverance.
The results from this study showed that junior rugby league players display a range of psychological responses when experiencing adversity and four subgroups with both defining and shared characteristics emerged. This study provides preliminary evidence for the potential usefulness of a q-method approach for understanding the process of resilience in junior sport. Q-methodology provides an alternative to previous research designs attempting to understand the nature of resilience, and offers an engaging activity to participants, encouraging analytical reflections of their experiences.

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    12 December 2016

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    RC1200 Sports Medicine

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    796 Athletic & outdoor sports & games


Fountain, H., Martindale, R., Tony, W. & Moira, L. (2016, December). Exploring the Nature of Psychological Resilience in Junior Rugby League Players: A Q-Method Approach. Poster presented at BPS- Divison of Sport and Exercise Psychology Annual Conference, Cardiff



psychological resilience, Q-sort method, reslience, junior rugby,

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