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Creativity is the ONLY answer
  There are known knowns in life - ice-cream on a summer’s day makes you happy or a blanket in front of the fire in winter is comforting. Another of these known knowns is creativity is the only answer – it solves all problems: boring maths, a disillusioned workforce, curriculum reform, homelessness, and North Korea. If you apply creativity you will solve the problem.

So, what’s stopping us?

This session will be facilitated be global leading experts. Their work has received the Ken Robinson gold star certificate for creativity in their field. They will take you on a creative journey to creatively solve your own problems and then help answer the challenges we face in a post-Covid world.

You will undergo a transformational, underground journey, meeting others you never knew you needed to meet. Be with us, be creatively brave.

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    14 March 2021

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Cochrane, R. (2021, March). Creativity is the ONLY answer. Presented at Creativity in Leadership and Learning event, Online


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