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Capturing career information use in everyday life: introducing the CIEL conceptual framework
  Introduction. Everyday career information use is not fully addressed by extant theories, models, and frameworks. In this paper, a conceptual framework of career information behaviour and career information literacy in everyday life is presented. Methods. Over the course of 2021, a literature review of everyday life career information use was completed. As part of this review, a search for boundary objects was performed, and thematically similar conceptual contributions were mapped. Analysis. An analysis of the integral components of ten theories, models, and frameworks relating to information behaviour, information literacy, information practice, and career development was performed with a view towards the development of a conceptual framework. Results. A conceptual framework consisting of two key components-topography and way of life-was devised following analysis. The framework provides insight into the means by which individuals experience career information in everyday life, and the means by which they navigate career information environments. Conclusions. The conceptual framework presented in this paper is applicable to the development of novel career information literacy theories, models, or frameworks, or the modification of extant conceptualisations.

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    Conference Paper

  • Date:

    31 October 2022

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    Economic and Social Research Council


Milosheva, M., Hall, H., Robertson, P., & Cruickshank, P. (2022). Capturing career information use in everyday life: introducing the CIEL conceptual framework. Information Research, 27,



information literacy; information behaviour; information practices; career; everyday

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