Evolutionary Robotics Research Nominated for Best Paper Award
Prof. Emma Hart, Dr Andreas Steyven and Prof. Ben Paechter have been nominated for a prestigious best paper award at the GECCO 18, Kyoto, Japan for new work in evolving a diverse team of swarm robots

Date posted

15 July 2018

The research team from the EvoRobots lab@Napier (evorobots.napier.ac.uk) have been nominated for a best paper award in the Complex Systems Track at GECCO 2018, held in Kyoto in July 2018.

The new work develops a novel method for evolving a team of robots that exhibit diverse behaviours w.r.t performing a particular task, inspired by diversity observed in natural systems such as swarms of bees.

This is shown to lead to swarms that are more robust and adaptable to their environment