Keynote: School of Computing Teaching and Learning conference 'Post-normal learning and teaching: lessons learned and the next academic year' 3rd Sept 2021

Start date and time

Thursday 3 September 2020



Nothing about this time is normal. Even if you have been teaching online for years, the external circumstances for you and your students have changed, and the learning and teaching experiences will reflect that. What started as an emergency 'pivot' of higher education to online learning, has become a prolonged period of uncertainty. Yet we find ourselves at the start of the new academic year, having to make decisions about how we can best support and engage students throughout the next trimester, while not being in full possession of the facts. This presentation will look back on the big learning points for teaching since the start of the pandemic, and look forward to how we can provide a sustained engaging student experience. Drawing on the university's Digital Support Partnership project, it will link evidence from digital education research to examples of teaching practices. While digital technologies have provided solutions for some of the dilemmas educators have been presented with, there have been costs, not all of which were immediately apparent. Listening to students has never been more important and there are opportunities now to reconfigure aspects of learning and teaching which centre on both our own and our learners' wellbeing.