How to Job Search in Book Publishing

Start date and time

Thursday 15 September 2016


Edinburgh & London

HOW TO JOB SEARCH IN BOOK PUBLISHING (Edinburgh) and The Book Trade Charity BTBS host their popular "How to Job Search in Book Publishing" course to Edinburgh on Thursday, 15th September 2016, thanks to the support of Publishing Scotland and the MSc Publishing programme at Edinburgh Napier University.

If you are unemployed* and meet the requirements your place will be sponsored.

"How to Job Search in Book Publishing" covers all aspects of job hunting – from writing a CV and covering letter that publishers want to read to where jobs are advertised, interviews, branding, social media, and everything else you ever wanted to know.

It takes a comprehensive look at all things job hunting and employment and even the most experience job-hunter is likely to learn something new. Previous candidates have described this course as "The Best Help Ever!". A number of long-term unemployed have already attended this course and secured new employment in a matter of weeks; they informed us that this course was instrumental in them getting a new role.

To apply for a sponsored place:
You must be currently unemployed and have been job hunting in book publishing

Completed a Masters or First Degree in Publishing in the UK in 2015 or earlier
Worked in the UK book industry (publishing, bookselling, distribution) for at least 6 months, whether one employer of through a variety of freelance work or internships

NOTE: We will look at all applications on a case by case basis. All sponsorship is at our discretion. Our aim is to help the most relevant candidates first, in particular those who have experienced redundancy and been unable to find new employment, but we will be more likely to accept people than turn people away if they’ve already got some publishing experience.

We will consider Publishing students from 2016 and those with less than 6 months experience if we have spaces available, but our priority are those who have been unemployed for a while and who are committed to a career in the book industry.

We also may have places for sale available for those who are currently employed elsewhere and who wish to receive this training, again priority will be for our core unemployed.

*unemployed = people not in regular work. An internship is not regular work. Someone whose contract is coming to an end is not in regular work. A freelancer who doesn’t have enough work is not in regular work. If you are employed and on a low income, sponsorship may be available for you too. Please apply and let Bookcareers make the decision.

For more details contact: Avril Gray, Programme Leader, MSc Publishing, Edinburgh Napier Univeristy –