Gaze Interaction for the Internet-of-Everything

Start date and time

Friday 8 July 2016


Merchiston, Glass room

Eye tracking offers many opportunities for the control of smart spaces and devices. It works hands-free and offers instant control, enabling users to adapt their environment on impulse, either when devices are out-of-reach (e.g., smart lights), or their displays are too small (e.g., smart watches).

This workshop will focus on Orbits, a new gaze interaction technique based on smooth pursuit eye movements. These are relatively slow and consistent eye movements that occur only when the eyes follow a moving object. Dealing with relative movements presents a considerable advantage over conventional gaze input techniques such as fixations on static targets: no calibration between the eye tracker and the display is necessary. Furthermore, the design of non-static interfaces is a largely unexplored design space.

Workshop attendees will be given hand-on experience with Orbits, and will explore its different applications in both the desktop, smart watch, and smart home scenarios. Furthermore, attendees will also have the opportunity to try eye trackers of different form factors, including the Tobii EyeX (desktop) and the Pupil Pro (wearable).