eScience at UCPH & Ubiquitous Data Analysis for MUMMERING - School of Computing Seminar Series

Start date and time

Wednesday 16 May 2018


14:00 in CoRe44, room C44, Merchiston Campus

Rasmus Munk will deliver a talk:

The trend towards terabytes of generated data from scientific experiments is spreading across fields, soon it is no longer just the LHC that is producing petabytes of data. Other fields including X-Ray/neutron imaging and climate research is moving towards petabytes of datasets e.g. a set of high-resolution tomography scans can easily become terabytes of data, leaving the scientist with a quite a task of managing and efficiently extracting scientific insight from it. The MUMMERING research project seeks to target this challenge by creating an open platform to handle the complete workflow of handling and analysing generated data, from data acquisition to physical modelling of various materials. One part of this platform is to provide seamless access to datasets across organisations/institutions for various experiments data.