Peter Cruickshank
Peter Cruickshank

Dr Peter Cruickshank

Associate Professor


Peter's main research area is information practices associated with engagement with digital systems. In particular, he has an active interest in issues around information literacy, and identity and trust in using online systems.

Peter has a background in information security and governance. He retains an active interest and delivers courses and lectures in these and related areas, including privacy and data protection. He works with partners to evaluate, develop and exploit information systems.

In the past, he has acted as leader of the Social Informatics research group within the Applied Informatics Subject Group (2019 and 2021-22) and as Head of International for the School of Computing (2021-22), with responsibility for supporting the development and promotion of transnational education links to universities around the world. He remains actively involved with both areas.

Peter has led a number of projects into the use of internet technologies by Community Councils in Scotland from a variety of information practice, knowledge management and learning perspectives.

He has carried out other research in library and information science, as a member of the team that conducted market research to training provision for information professionals, and barriers to impact of research on library and information science practitioners.

Peter has been a lead researcher in several e-participation projects (including EuroPetition and eRepresentative) focusing on the links between citizens and their elected representatives. He is on the Program Committee of several related conferences.




Conference Organising Activity

  • Committe member - EGOVIS: International Conference on Electronic Government
  • Committee member - CeDEM/EGOV – International conference on e-participation.
  • Peter Cruickshank on SocInfo 2011 Programme Committee
  • Centre for Social Informatics hosts Open Knowledge Foundation meet-up
  • On programme committe of International Conference on Social Informatics, SocInfo 2010
  • Peter Cruickshank is Program Committee member of the IADIS e-Democracy, Equity and Social Justice 2011 (ED 2011)
  • Peter Cruickshank invited to review for the e-Government track of HICSS 45 (2012)


Editorial Activity

  • Editorial board of the Journal of Electronic Democracy (JeDEM
  • Peter Cruickshank on editorial board of International Journal of Advances in Security


External Examining/Validations

  • External examiner - Graduate Certificate Petroleum Data Management
  • External Examiner - BSc (Hons) business computing degrees at Northumbria University


Media Activity

  • Smart Cities project in the Times
  • Attended Future EDemocracy '09, leading to quote on BBC news site
  • MSc project results published as advice to legal firms
  • EuroPetition on EuroNews
  • In Government Computing interview Peter Cruickshank emphasises the need for human support for e-petitioners
  • Paper accepted for ePart10, Lausanne
  • Peter Cruickshank edits and posts wikipedia definition of "Smart City"


Membership of Professional Body

  • Fellow of HEA
  • Member of ISACA


Public/Community Engagement

  • SGSSS pathway representative for information science



76 results

An intelligent front-end for government websites.

Cruickshank, P., & Macintosh, A. (2005)
An intelligent front-end for government websites. In P. Cunningham, & M. Cunningham (Eds.), Exploiting the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications and Case Studies, 427-434. IOS press
The HANDS question-answering and direction application, consisting of Answer Tree and Address Guesser modules is described in relation to the EDEN project from which it is der...

RiLIES2: Final report

Hall, H., Cruickshank, P. & Irving, C. (2011)
RiLIES2: Final report. United Kingdom: Library and Information Science Research Coalition
Research report of the RiLIES2 (Research in librarianship - Impact Evaluation Study) project commissioned by the Library and Information Science Research Coalition to support ...

Training provision for the library, information and knowledge sector

Hall, H., Irving, C. & Cruickshank, P. (2012)
Training provision for the library, information and knowledge sector. United Kingdom: Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
Unpublished report.

Web 2.0 for collaborative production.

Conference Proceeding
Taylor-Smith, E. & Cruickshank, P. (2009)
Web 2.0 for collaborative production
In this paper, we explore the possibilities of using Web 2.0 for collaborative production of government services in the UK. Can co-production be used to deliver eGovernment se...

Bringing social and technological innovation to the work of national, regional and local elected representatives: the eRepresentative project.

Conference Proceeding
Karamagioli, E., Koulolias, V., Smith, C. F. & Cruickshank, P. (2007)
Bringing social and technological innovation to the work of national, regional and local elected representatives: the eRepresentative project. In Parycek, P. & Prosser, A. (Eds.). EDem08 E-Democracy Conference
Members of elected assemblies have a number of overlapping roles. eRepresentative is a project of the European Commission’s IST programme, and has investigated the potential f...

Self-efficacy as a factor in the evaluation of e-petitions.

Conference Proceeding
Cruickshank, P. & Smith, C. F. (2008)
Self-efficacy as a factor in the evaluation of e-petitions. In Parycek, P. (Ed.). Proceedings of EDEM 2009 - Conference on Electronic Democracy, 223-232. ISBN 978-3-85403-251-9
E-petitions are seen as one response to a perceived decline in public trust of political institutions and the associated symptoms of disengagement. In this paper, some current...

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