Pat Langdon
pat langdon

Dr Pat Langdon



Professor Patrick Langdon is Director of the Transport Research Institute.
He is a Professor of Engineering Design, Transportation, and Inclusion at Edinburgh NAPIER School of Engineering and the Built Environment (SEBE).
He currently leads on Ethics and Integrity for SEBE and the School of Computing.

He is an Experimental Psychologist and has worked in AI, Robotics and Engineering Design for over 20 Years. Historically he has led research in Inclusive Design and contributed to its literature. His current research concerns the application of Cognitive science and AI to multidisciplinary areas of research such as the design, use and provision for Autonomous vehicles in current transportation planning. Multidisciplinary research centred on Engineering is a key theme in his research and his goal is to foster new programmes of research in this area.

Inclusive Design, Ergonomics and Human Factors;
Human Machine Interfaces for Human Factors;
Autonomy - Smart and Connected Control Designing Autonomy in Vehicles;
How to design HMI to interface drivers with autonomous vehicles;
Predictions and visualisation of Automotive designs in the future;
Touchscreens for vibrating automotive applications;
Intent aware displays in the context of 3D pointing at in-vehicle touchscreens or controls;
The design of vehicle HMI that can accommodate inclusive users;
Intent prediction and lifestyle identification algorithms for automotive use, based on Bayesian learning methods;
Human centred design and interfaces for unusual environments including emergency first-response;
IT support for disaster management and global challenges such as land-slide prediction;
Formative ethics for research with human participation in Schools of Technology;

Teaching Area:

Human Factors in Engineering
Engineering Inclusive design
Inclusion Ergonomics
Ergonomics for Engineering
o Safety engineering
o Engineering interfaces design