Julia Sterman
julia sterman

Dr Julia Sterman OTR/L, PhD



Julia is interested in ways to increase choice, control, and well-being for people with disabilities, especially children, through changing environments rather than changing people. Her work is primarily qualitative, and seeks to amplify the voices of underrepresented groups. Her current research includes:
-Creating a family-centred emergency preparedness tool
-Experiences of families of children with disabilities during COVID-19
-Using Autistic adult perspectives to inform occupational therapy practice for Autistic children
-Identifying ways for occupational therapy practitioners, educators, and the profession as a whole to be anti-racist

Julia uses active pedagogical approaches in her teaching to support students to be engaged in learning. She aims to be inclusive to her teaching to support a diverse future occupational therapy workforce.

She has taught courses related to qualitative research, paediatrics, occupational therapy foundational topics, and contemporary practice issues in occupational therapy


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