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Iyad Sawaftah, a Jordanian architect, has embarked on remarkable journey within the world of architecture and design. His educational path commenced with the acquisition of a bachelor's degree in architecture from University of Petra in 2021. This academic foundation provided a solid platform for what would become a promising career in architecture.

With a fervent desire to excel, Iyad pursued further education and achieved a master's degree in Architectural Visualisation from Kent School of Architecture and Planning in 2022. This advanced degree not only expanded his knowledge but also ignited his creative passion.

In a testament to his dedication and expertise, in 2023, Sawaftah was awarded a fully funded scholarship from Edinburgh Napier University to undertake a Ph.D. His research project is a pioneering interdisciplinary exploration that merges the realms of the built environment, psychology, and virtual reality.

Professional growth and experience have been integral to Iyad's journey. His career includes work at Green Architects+ Planners in Amman, Jordan, which followed comprehensive training in 2020, accumulating valuable experience for approximately 18 months.

In addition to that , Sawaftah has undertaken diverse projects in various countries as a freelance architect, including the UK, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and the UAE. These experiences have enabled him to work on projects of diverse typologies, scales, and complexities, significantly enhancing his versatility as an architect.

Notably, during his master's program, Iyad made remarkable mark in the UK with two outstanding visual projects: projection mapping at Rochester Cathedral and St, Augustine of Abbey. These projects showcased his exceptional skills and innovative approach.

Sawaftah's architectural graduation project in 2021, titled "The Hidden Heaven," achieved significant recognition in 2021-2022. It secured the 4th position in the Jordanian Engineering Association (JEA) Architectural Graduation Projects ranking. Moreover, it was recognized as one of the top 100 architectural graduation projects world wide by the Tamayouz Awards and secured a place as one of the 44 finalists out 1024 entries in the 7th annual Inspireli Awards.

In 2022, Iyad was appointed as a certificate juror in the Inspireli Awards, one of the largest architecture and design competitions globally, a testament to his standing in the architectural community.

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