Ingi Helgason
Ingi Helgason

Dr Ingi Helgason



Ingi Helgason is a lecturer in the Applied Informatics subject group and a member of the Interaction Design research group. Research interests include: Digital storytelling and narrative, creativity, interacting with archives and exhibitions, speculative and critical design.

Recent publications:
Elsden, C., Jones, V., Helgason, I., Abernethy, L., & Brown, W. (2023). FestForward: Participatory Design Futuring and World-Building for Equitable Digital Futures in Performing Arts Festivals. In DIS '23: Proceedings of the 2023 ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference (1424–1437).

Helgason, I., Smyth, M., Panneels, I., Lechelt, S., Frich, J., Rawn, E., & McCarthy, B. (2023). Digital Skills for the Creative Practitioner: Supporting Informal Learning of Technologies for Creativity. In CHI EA '23: Extended Abstracts of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Panneels, I., Helgason, I., Smyth, M., Darzentas, . D., Hocking, L., & Shillito, A. (2023). Distance: digital immersive technologies and craft engagement. In Connectivity and Creativity in times of Conflict: Cumulus Conference Proceedings Antwerp 2023

Encinas, E., Helgason, I., Auger, J., Mitrović, I., & Hanna, J. (2023). Speculative designs in educational settings: Tension-patterns from a (mostly) European perspective. .

Recent projects:
Creative Informatics - delivered by the University of Edinburgh in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, Codebase and Creative Edinburgh. Funded by the Creative Industries Clusters Programme and managed by the Arts & Humanities Research Council as part of the Industrial Strategy.
SpeculativeEdu - an educational, project funded by ERASMUS+, the European Union programme for education, training, youth, and sport, with the aim of strengthening speculative design education by collecting and exchanging existing knowledge and experience whilst developing new methods in the field of speculative design.



Conference Organising Activity

  • Invited to join programme committee for UbiComp15 workshop: 1st Workshop on Full-Body and Multisensory Experience in Ubiquitous Interaction
  • Committee member for British HCI conference 2012


Editorial Activity

  • Scientific committee member: User Experience & Urban Creativity
  • Editorial Board of Journal of Interaction Science (JoIS)


Invited Speaker

  • Speculative Design: Echoes of Futures Past
  • Invited panelist for Primer 21 conference



  • Reviewer for Cumulus Conference, Budapest 2024
  • Review for 2024 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)
  • Review for ACM Designing Interactive Systems conference 2023 Papers and Pictorials
  • Review for ACM CHI conference 2023
  • Review papers for ACM CHI 2021 conference
  • Review papers for ACM DIS 2021 conference
  • Review papers for ACM CHI 2020 papers
  • Review for ACM CHI 2019 conference
  • Awarded Special Recognition for Reviewing for ACM CHI 2018
  • Awarded Special Recognition for Reviewing for ACM DIS 2018
  • Awarded Special Recognition for Reviewing for ACM DIS 2016


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