Colin Andrews
Colin Andrews

Mr Colin Andrews

Lecturer T&R


I work across a range of media including video, photography, installation, sound and light. Works are created for a variety of domains including gallery presentation, cinema screenings, commissions, site-specific installations and public art-works. I like to respond to specific contexts – drawing together sets of ideas according to the circumstances of location or history. In drawing together ideas I like to use metaphor and analogy to make connections between past, present and future or to connect disparate subjects or locations through visual, narrative or aural association.

Within this framework, there is a persistence of inquiry into issues of perception, uncertainty, time, memory, repetition and transformation. Also central to my practice is a consistent reflection upon the affects of technology – from technologies of vision and recording to information networks and social media. I am interested in how technology both reflects and shapes us as individuals and communities. As we increasingly mediate our experience of the world through our technological tools, harness the ability to modify our biology, and abdicate decisions and responsibilities to algorithms, we are no longer who we were. What do we lose and what do we gain?


Fellowships and Awards

  • Fellow of The Higher Education Academy
  • Shortlisted for an AHRC film award ( innovation category)
  • Fife Visual Artists Awards
  • CAHP Visual Arts Award
  • Artist in Residence, Ingolstadt, Germany
  • VERL - World Class Visual Effects for Artists Awards


Non-executive Directorship

  • Board Member of Stills Gallery


Public Engagement Activity

  • Leader of Next Steps Workshop - A Cultural Enterprise Office Workshop