Bridget Hanna
Bridget Hanna

Dr Bridget Hanna



Dr Hanna is an experienced and highly skilled lecturer and trainer. She brings a background in psychology alongside
expertise in employability, pastoral student support and academic professional development. Dr Hanna has worked
across undergraduate and postgraduate levels of education. She has successfully supervised
dissertations and projects on a wide variety of work related themes at undergraduate, masters and PhD levels.
Dr Hanna specialises in Qualitative methods. Her research background is in Discursive Psychology but she has also
taught and successfully supervised Phenomenological, Critical and Social Psychoanalytic methods in psychology,
education and business pathways. Dr Hanna's background in quantitative
methods stem from her training as an Occupational Psychologist and this also supports her teaching of methods.
Bridget works as an accreditor and recognition expert for the Higher Education
Academy and was selected as an assessor on the prestigious National Teaching Fellowship Award across the UK. She was also was part of the team that researched and designed the innovative and nationally recognised scheme of dialogue for the award of fellowship from the HEA and is a Senior Fellow herself.
Bridget has developed and implemented a variety of training programmes for staff including: leadership and 'achieving
your fellowship' alongside developing bespoke training to suit institutional strategic development. Bridget's consultancy work has ranged across the police, NHS and Scottish Government.
Additionally Bridget is a published author and has researched and developed several competency frameworks and produced specialist reports for
government and governmental agencies at UK wide level. Bridget is active in the psychological community and has
been on many national committees and advisory bodies. She holds several media consultancies and works regularly with BBC radio.
Dr Hanna also sits on several external committee's including the British Psychological Society's Scottish Branch.

Research Areas


Advisory panels and expert committees or witness

  • EuroPsy Committee Member
  • Elected Committee Member Scottish National Committe British Psychological Society
  • Elected as Committee Member for Division of Occupational Psychology Scotland
  • Committee member Division of Occupational Psychology - Scotland


Conference Organising Activity

  • International Academic Identities Conference 2018 - Japan
  • Changing Assessment: Changing Organisational Ecology?
  • Employability - a bitter pill for students and universities to swallow
  • Utterly Engaging: constructing connections to the curriculum using Personal Response Systems
  • Competency Frameworks and their effects professional identity
  • I know all the answers: open or closed exam banks, a test of results
  • The relationship between psychologies


Editorial Activity

  • Teaching Fellows Journal
  • Editor of 'The Bulletin' a BPS journal for the Scottish Branch


External Examining/Validations

  • Reviewer for the National Teaching Fellowships for the Higher Education Academy 2017
  • Reviewer for the award of Teaching Fellowships at the Higher Education Academy


Fellowships and Awards

  • Chartered Psychologist
  • Chartered Scientist


Invited Speaker

  • Instrumental Regulation at Nottingham University
  • Higher education and the development of work identities: implications for refugees and those that work with them
  • Kaye Adams Show BBC Radio Scotland


Media Activity

  • Invited panellist - Kaye Adams Monday 15th June French worker successfully sues for boredom at work
  • Radio commentary
  • Invited Speaker BBC Radio Scotland
  • Invited Panelist - BBC Radio Scotland
  • Invited Speaker Kaye Adams BBC Radio Scotland 15th March



  • Reviewer for European Journal of Psychology
  • Reviewer for 'Innovations in Learning and Teaching International'
  • Reviewer for 'Psychology of Learning and Teaching'.



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Journal Article
Hanna, B., & Tierney, A. (2019)
Editorial. Edinburgh Napier University Teaching Fellows Journal, Spring 2019, 3
Dr Bridget Hanna was invited to produce an editorial for a special issue of the Teaching Fellows Journal based on her work around Academic Identity.

Academic Diary Or Why Higher Education Still Matters

Journal Article
Hanna, B. (2016)
Academic Diary Or Why Higher Education Still Matters. Teaching fellows journal, Autumn 2016, 23
On the outside of this book the spine is now broken. The plastic red covering is beginning to curl away slightly from the edges of cover. This is a book which I have carried w...

Enabling creative professional conversations around academic leadership through dialogue

Journal Article
Hanna, B., Fiona, C., & Elaine, M. (2014)
Enabling creative professional conversations around academic leadership through dialogue. Educational developments, 10-12
No abstract available.

The organisational context of professional and interprofessional ethics

Book Chapter
Hanna, B. (2014)
The organisational context of professional and interprofessional ethics. In Exploring the dynamics of personal, professional and interprofessional ethics, (34-51). Policy Press.
The organisational context of professional and interprofessional ethics.

Book Review of 'The Psychologically Literate Citizen: Foundations and Global Perspectives'

Journal Article
Hanna, B. (2013)
Book Review of 'The Psychologically Literate Citizen: Foundations and Global Perspectives'. Psychology Learning and Teaching, 12(2),
This volume has the lofty aim of inspiring all of us involved in passing on knowledge about psychology (educationally speaking) to look again at how we do this. The volume spe...

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