Ahmad Eltaweel
ahmad eltaweel

Dr Ahmad Eltaweel

Research Fellow


My background is based on Architectural Engineering.
My Master’s studies investigated using virtual reality to navigate and design complex buildings, via using Cyberspace (VR) techniques.
I had my PhD in building technology at the University of Nottingham in the UK.
My research interest focuses on using parametric software to analyse/optimize building performance with respond to environmental changes, aiming to achieve better indoor daylight and thermal comfort.
I am highly interested in and expert in 3D modelling and environmental simulation via using graphical software such as 3D MAX, V-Ray, Rhino/Grasshopper, EnergyPlus, Radiance and DAYSIM. I designed and modelled +100 of buildings including residential buildings, schools, office buildings, courts, and shopping centres.
Moreover, I have extensive experience in environmental analysis to design the building envelope in the early stage of the design with respond to climate changes. Besides, I have such experience in building’s material properties.
I have several publications in international peer reviewed journals in the fields of Parametric Design, Architectural Technology, and Environmental Analysis.
I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching UG and PG students, and mentoring PhD students.

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