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Dr Khokhar joined Edinburgh Napier University as a lecturer in Structural Engineering in 2013. He completed his B.Eng. (Hons) in Civil Engineering in Pakistan and acquired an MSc in Structures from University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada and a PhD from Edinburgh Napier University (ENU), UK.

Dr. Khokhar has significant research experience in the area of timber engineering, attained in Canada and the United Kingdom. At UNB, in collaboration with National Research Council Canada (NRC), He led large-scale research projects on improving the vibrational serviceability of wood floors and development of various engineered wood members. He also carried out laboratory and theoretical based investigations to examine mechanical properties of solid timber beams at ENU. His research work has been published in journals and prestigious peer-reviewed conferences on timber engineering.

Currently his research focuses on developing design criteria to control excessive vibration in wood floors by modifying the construction parameters in collaboration with institutions from Finland and Canada.

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  • Khokhar A. M, Chui Y.H., Smith I., Hu L. J., 2004 “Influence of between-joist bracing elements on static deflection and frequency response of a joisted wood floor” proceeding of 8th World Conference on Timber Engineering, Lahti, Finland.
  • Khokhar A. M, Zhang J., Ridley-Ellis D., Moore J., 2008 “The Shear Modulus of Sitka Spruce Timber joists as Measured by the Torsion Tests” proceeding of 10th World Conference on Timber Engineering, Miyazaki, Japan.
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