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"It doesn’t really matter what gender you are, as long as you’re providing care for the woman.”

Ewan Mccoll, Midwifery student, explains why he chose to study Midwifery at Edinburgh Napier University.

Adult Nursing

"Patients have loved seeing male nurses"

Ross McNab, Adult Nursing student, talks about the support available during placement.

"I had been out of schooling for just over 30 years"

Ronny Reid, Adult Nursing student, talks about his experience returning to education as a mature student.

"If you want to do it, you can definitely do it"

Nina Childs, Adult Nursing student, talks about how her ADHD diagnosis did not stop her from enrolling into her dream course at Edinburgh Napier University.

"There's a role that can suit anybody"

Matthew Lam, Adult Nursing student, reflects on the benefits of guest lecturers.

"With my experience in practice everything starts making sense when I learn the bigger theory"

Iwetta Radkiewicz, Adult Nursing student, talks about the support available at Edinburgh Napier University.

"The placement experiences are a highlight because you get to do various different things"

Keith Page, Adult Nursing student, explains why being a male nurse is an advantage.

"Don't be afraid of any stereotypes"

Harry Shivmangal, Adult Nursing student, reflects on what drew him to nursing.

"I have a different background. I played basketball in Italy"

Chino Chukwubike, Adult Nursing student, talks about his experience studying at Edinburgh Napier University

"You see how crucial it is to have compassion."

Cassandra Shaw, Adult Nursing student, recounts how her values have come to the fore.

"Nursing was a perfect fit for me.”

Fizza Hussain, Adult Nursing student, shares what inspired her career change and how rewarding the profession can be.

"You’re handling stuff you wouldn’t see anywhere else."

Nicole Clarke, Adult Nursing student, on how working on placement makes everything click.

"I was so impressed with the state-of-the-art facilities in the simulation and clinical skills centre, and the course content fascinated me."

Megan Sutherland, Adult Nursing student, reflects on her passion for caring for others and how that lead her into the profession.

"I always wanted to be a nurse"

Hazel Reid, Learning Disabilities Nursing student, reflects on her experience studying at Edinburgh Napier University.

“Nursing is the most rewarding job anyone could choose to do”

Adult Nursing student, Rachael Quinn, explains why she is loving her nursing experience

"I think I knew from the very start that Edinburgh Napier was where I wanted to go and I’m glad about the decision I made."

Adult Nursing student, Beth Shearer, talks about her experiences studying at Edinburgh Napier University

"My placements helped me get good practical experience and there were a lot of extracurricular activities available too."

Adult Nursing alumnus, Rebecca Gates, talks about her career journey since graduating.

“Apart from the time off to have my treatment I never missed a day, and I also developed a love for wound management."

Cancer survivor and Adult Nursing graduate, Ellie Lamb, talks about finding a love for nursing whilst enduring treatment herself.

“On numerous occasions it was my gloved hand these patients were holding and not their families whilst they were seriously unwell or dying."

Pullin award winner and Adult Nursing graduate, Joanna MacDonald, describes working in a hospital during Covid-19

Child Health Nursing

"The opportunity to be a student here was really exciting."

Chelsea Oliphant, Child Health Nursing student, tells us how a chance encounter inspired her career change.

“Something I will never forget.”

Chloe Ferris, Child Nursing graduate, shares her experience from her final year placement in Tanzania.

Learning Disability Nursing

"People really need us."

Jack Souter, Learning Disability Nursing student, talks about his experiences improving patient wellbeing.

"They’re enthusiastic and excited to teach us."

Jodie Tocher, Learning Disability Nursing student, explains what led her to her current path and why she chose Edinburgh Napier University.

"The opportunities available for practical experiences, placements and skills labs have been the best."

Tracey Gilhooley-Rutherford, Learning Disability Nursing student discusses her experience returning to education after some time away.

"As the first in my family to go to university, I knew I was going to make the most of it."

Learning Disability Nursing alumnus, Taylor Hume, talks about his career journey since graduating.

Mental Health Nursing

"It’s open to everybody."

David McGuire, Mental Health Nursing student, explains the goals of his career path.

"This experience has made me very grateful for the standard of care we take for granted here."

Fiona Mair, Mental Health Nursing student, shares her experience of her placement in Kathmandu, Nepal.

"The support and encouragement from all the faculty is what makes Napier stand out."

Lesley Murray, third year Mental Health Nursing student, reflects on her journey to becoming a student again.

"I liked the fact you got a choice for your final year placement, as well as the location for Lothian placements."

Mental Health Nursing student, Claire Lynott, discusses her interest in the practical placements offered and having a baby at the start of her course.

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