TikTok Pixel and Cookies for Marketing

We use the TikTok pixel to target our marketing campaigns, provide us with statistics to improve our marketing and provide TikTok users with information which is useful and appropriate to them based on their browsing activity, preferences and demographic information. Both the University and TikTok are Data Controllers for this purpose.

TikTok cookies allow us to serve adverts on TikTok, and to understand user actions made on our site once they have viewed or clicked an advert. We use it to improve our content, retargeting and user experience.

TikTok collect the data of non-TikTok users, as the pixel can’t discriminate between users and non-users. Please see the section at the end of this Policy.

The TikTok pixel is a piece of JavaScript code that enables us to understand how many TikTok users have acted after seeing one of our adverts. It also allows us to tailor our marketing campaigns on TikTok to users who have previously shown interest in the University on our websites, or who click on our advertisements seen on the TikTok platform and display the most relevant advertisements to them on TikTok. 

Collecting data allows TikTok to report on marketing activity and understand the demographic of TikTok users (“audience”) who are interested in the University and courses. TikTok will also serve our adverts on the TikTok platform to users who fit a certain demographic profile. The pixel will capture browser level information including:

  • Your IP address; 
  • Which of our websites you are landing on and how you are finding that site (if you are being ‘referred’ through a link from another website, email or Ad); 
  • Which web browser you are using (e.g. Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.), device make, model and operating system;
  • Ad/ Event information: Information about the advertisement a TikTok user has clicked or an event that was triggered;
  • Timestamp: Time that the pixel event fired. This is used to determine when website actions took place, like when a page was viewed, when a product was purchased, etc.;
  • 1st & 3rd Party Cookies: Cookies help the measurement, optimization, and targeting of advertising campaigns:
    • Cookies support extended tracking of visitors on other browsers outside of TikTok's in-app browser which further expands its matching abilities.
    • 1st party cookies are created by the TikTok Pixel which sits on the advertiser's website, making it 1st party. 3rd party cookies are created on TikTok's server. The pixel will set 1st party cookie ID and 3rd party cookie ID and pass it back to TikTok's server which is where the matching with other data held by TikTok happens.

TikTok then combines this with data that they already hold about you e.g. information that you have provided to them when you registered as a TikTok user and through your activity on their platform. Please see TikTok Privacy Policy  If you would like to opt out of receiving marketing, please see the TikTok Cookies Policy.

The “audience” information collected from our website and adverts will be stored for 13 months by TikTok then deleted. The duration of TikTok pixel and cookies set on your browser is 13 months.

Although TikTok plan to process the data collected in the UK in Ireland (EU) by early 2023, it is currently processed in Singapore, the US and Hong Kong.  Where this is the case or where they use other companies (sub-processors) who are based in other countries, such as the USA, TikTok has ensured that adequate safeguards are in place to protect any personal data being processed as these countries do not afford personal data the same protections as we do in the UK. Read more in the TikTok Privacy Policy.

TikTok have provided additional information about their commitment to compliance with UK and EU Data Protection legislation which you can read here:  Our approach to data governance in Europe | TikTok Newsroom

TikTok has established UK and Ireland offices who act as Data Controllers to ensure TikTok complies with EU and UK data privacy protection legislation.

Non-TikTok users:

When you visit our website, we ask you to consent to receiving electronic marketing by agreeing to our Cookie Policy - you can choose to opt out at any time by disabling cookies as described here in TikTok Cookies Policy

If you consent to receiving electronic marketing TikTok will collect the same information listed above, e.g. IP Address and information about what you have interacted with on the University’s website, but they will not be able to match this with account holder information they hold as you are not a TikTok ‘user’. Please note that TikTok advise: “anyone can use some basic features of the TikTok Platform without having an account. If you use the Platform without an account, then these Terms will still apply to such use and we will still process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.”

The University does not retain any of your information specific to the TikTok Pixel collection, however, TikTok will retain it for 13 months.

This information is provided to supplement the University’s main Privacy Notices and it is recommended that appropriate notices are reviewed to provide full information about how the University processes personal data.