Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015

Under the Regulations, which came into force on the 18 July 2015, Edinburgh Napier University’s Library Services are required to make the following information available for re-use by members of the public, subject to certain exceptions, terms and conditions:

  • Information produced by the Library Services for which it holds the copyright
  • Information held by the Library for which the copyright has expired

What are the RPSI Regulations?

The Regulations require public sector bodies to make information which falls within their public task available generally for re-use. University Libraries have been designated as public bodies for the purposes of this Regulation. Re-use means “the use by a person of a document held by a public sector body for a purpose other than the initial purpose within that public sector body’s public task for which the document was produced”.

There are a number of exclusions which include information which falls outwith the Library’s public task and information for which a third party holds the copyright. The Regulation does not apply where the information is covered by access to information legislation e.g. Freedom of Information legislation.

The Library has 20 working days to respond to a request under the Regulation, However there are certain circumstances in which this may be extended. Where a request is refused the Library will notify the applicant of the reasons for refusal in writing. Where a request is refused, applicants have the right to appeal the decision. Instructions for doing so will be provided within the original written response. 

The regulations can be accessed online using the following link: 

Statement of Public Task

The public task of the library as stated in the University’s Information Strategy is: “Providing students and staff with access to a range of high quality information sources and resources”

Edinburgh Napier University Library’s Public Task under these Regulations is:

“To provide access to and re-use of information produced, held and disseminated by the Library for which the Library holds the copyright or the copyright has expired.” The Regulations do not cover material included in our archival collections. For further information please use on the following links: 

Next review date of the statement of public task: October 2019

How to make a request for information

Please send your request to Governance Services, clearly marked ‘Request for Information under the Re-use of Public Sector Regulations 2015 (or RPSI 2015)’ either in the email subject line or document title if you send a request by post.

Contact details are available online using the following link:

The Regulation states:

“A person who wishes to make a request for re-use must ensure that the request:

(a) Is in writing;
(b) States the name of the applicant and an address for correspondence;
(c) Specifies the document requested; and
(d) States the purpose for which the document is to be re-used.”

If you need more information about how to make a request please contact the Governance Services as above.

Charging Schedule

In order to meet the costs of reproduction, the Library will make appropriate charges for reproduction, digitisation, supply and licensing of content. Please see the charging policy using the following link:

Prior to the release of information applicants will be provided with a calculation of the fee appropriate to the request and payment will be required before the requested information can be released.

Uses: educational, non profit

Further information about Edinburgh Napier University’s Library and Library Services can be found online using the following link: