This category tells people how to request information from Edinburgh Napier University under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act (FOISA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations (EIRs). It also covers University procedures for these pieces of legislation.

How to make a request for information and Freedom of Information enquiries contact

Any FOISA and EIR requests for information should be made by email to If you wish to write to us seeking information, correspondence should be sent to:

Governance Adviser (Freedom of Information)
Edinburgh Napier University
Sighthill Campus
Sighthill Court 
EH11 4BN 

Any requests for personal information fall within the remit of the GDPR and the DPA 2018 (Data Protection Legislation). This means that any applicant(s) need to complete a Subject Access Request form which can be found on this page along with further guidance.

Information legislation policies

Our Data Protection policies and procedures can be found in our Data Protection Code of Practice. For further information see the University's internal Data Protection intranet site.

More information on Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulations is available on this website, and the frequently asked questions pages also provide a great deal of information in relation to our policies.

More information is available in our Access to Information Policy Statement and FoISA Review Procedure relating to our records management, records and information retention and archiving policies, procedures and guidance relating to our records management, records and information retention and archiving policies, procedures and guidance can be found on our internal records management intranet site or by emailing

FOI Reviews

If you are not happy with the way the University has dealt with your request for information, you have a right under FOISA to request a review of this decision. To exercise this right, you must write to the University to request a review within 40 working days of receipt of this decision. Your request must be made in writing and must include your name and address and detail the decision that you wish to be reviewed. Further guidance is available in our FoISA Review Procedure.

Should you wish to request a review, please address your request to:

University Secretary 
Governance Services
Edinburgh Napier University
Sighthill Campus
Sighthill Court
EH11 4BN 


Your review will be undertaken by staff not involved in the original decision making process.

Charges for information not available under the scheme

Charges for information available under this scheme are set out under Charging Policy. Charges for information covered by both Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) and The Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (EI(S)Rs) which is not available under the scheme is subject to charges based on the following calculations:

Charges for general information and environmental information

Processing cost  Percentage payable by customer Waiver
Up to £100 0% Free of charge
£100 - £600 10% First £100
 Over £600 100% (environmental information only) No waiver

For example, if you requested information that cost us £600 to provide, you would be asked to pay £50, calculated on the basis of a waiver for the first £100 and 10% of the remaining £500. 
  • for general information we are not obliged to respond to requests which will cost us over £600 to process 
  • charges are calculated on the basis of the actual cost to Edinburgh Napier University of providing the information 
  • we do not charge for the time to determine whether we hold the information requested nor for the time it takes to decide whether the information can be released 
  • charges may be made for locating, retrieving and providing information to you 

Current costs

  • photocopying is charged at 10p per A4 sheet for black and white copying 
  • 30p per A4 sheet for colour copying 
  • postage is charged at actual rate for first class mail 
  • staff time is calculated at actual staff cost per staff member hourly salary rate to a maximum of £15 per person per hour (FOISA only). 
  • staff time will be charged at full cost for Environmental Information
For chargeable information, we will issue you with a notification of the charge (a fees notice) including how it has been calculated. You will have three months from the date of issue of the fees notice in which to decide whether to pay the charge. The information will be provided on payment of the charge. There will be no charge to you if you decide not to proceed with the request.