About MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) Physiotherapy class

The MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) is a two-year accelerated programme and has been developed in collaboration with the Occupational Therapy and Social Work programmes to prepare students to work within the complex and rapidly evolving environment of health and social care. The course has a focus on developing the knowledge and skills required to practice as Physiotherapist in a complex world, developing a strong sense of professional identity and developing the abilities to navigate the contemporary inter-professional landscape.

The programmes Physiotherapy-specific modules prepare students for clinical practice, through development of theoretical understanding, critical thinking skills, and application of knowledge and skills to physiotherapy practice. The course utilises scenario-based learning opportunities, simulation and incorporates service users in the teaching, learning and assessment, giving ‘real-world’ experiences throughout.

As well as the discipline-specific modules, students undertake collaborative inter-professional modules, working closely with students from the other disciplines in health and social care to develop your skills in communication, innovative thinking, clinical reasoning and team working.
The course will prepare students to enter workplace as a confident, resilient, proficient and autonomous Physiotherapists, with a strong understanding of current service provision and the graduate skills to lead and innovate in shaping future delivery in a rapidly changing sector to effectively meet the needs of service-users.

Integral to the programme, students undertake four practice placements where the expert guidance of Practice Educators enables them to consolidate, apply and contextualise their learning. Each placement is eight weeks in duration. Our first and second year cohort are on placement at the same time as one another, and at the same time as students on the MSc Occupational Therapy (pre-registration) and MSW Social Work programmes. This allows for practitioners acting in supervisory role to adopt both traditional and more varied models, such as peer-assisted learning. 

Interested in being a practice educator?

Prior to becoming a practice educator, we recommend that you undertake a Practice Educator programme. You can do this as either through the self-directed online learning programme ‘Being and Becoming an AHP Practice Educator’ or through attending a face-to-face practice educator programme. 

The online learning is for people new to practice education or who are refreshing their knowledge. It is hosted on TURAS and is accessible to all - including NHS and Non-NHS educators (you can register by clicking here). 

Practice Educator / Supervisor opportunities 

Our educational opportunities for practice educators/supervisors are designed to enable practitioners to meet Health and Care Professions Council and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy standards for contributing to student development. Like our MSc programmes, our courses are delivered in an integrated capacity with our colleagues from Occupational Therapy and Social Work

Dates for upcoming CPD events will be posted here and all our practice educators and supervisors will receive priority notification.

Placement dates

If there are any public health emergency-related changes to these, the website will be updated and all our Practice Educators will be informed. Dates for 2020 are as follows:

Year of study Placement number Start date Finish
1st Year Physiotherapy 1 23rd November 2020 18th December 2020
1st Year Physiotherapy
2 11th January 2021 5th March 2021
2nd Year Physiotherapy
3 17th August 2020 9th October 2020
2nd Year Physiotherapy
4 19th October 2020 11th December 2020

Contact us

If you have any questions about Practice Based Learning, being a Practice Educator, our courses or anything else, please contact Colin McLelland, Lecturer in Physiotherapy and Practice Education Lead for Physiotherapy.