Our current members of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (CAIR) are listed here. Click on each name to learn more about our members and the amazing projects they have been involved with.


Ahmed Al-Dubai

Peter Andras

Nick Antonopoulos

Emma Hart

Amir Hussain

Pat Langdon

Xiaodong Liu

Hongnian Yu

Emeritus Professors

Jessie Kennedy

Visiting Professors

Prof. Michael Guckert (Technische Hochenschule Mittelhessen)

Prof. Jeremy Pitt (Imperial College London)

Visiting Professors funded by RAE 

Dr Carol Clark, Deputy director in EE at Leonardo

Dave Pearson, Director of Star Renewable Energy and Director of Innovation-Star Refrigeration

Dr Junaid Syed,  Senior Vice President of Engineering & Operations at Curvalux

Dr. Jo Zhou, National Grid

Associate Professors

Dr Zuansi Cai

Dr Peter Chapman

Dr Dimitra Gkatzia

Mr Alistair Lawson

Dr Thomas Tan

Dr Chan Hwang See

Dr Gokula Vasantha

Dr Shufan Yang


Dr Jawad Ahmad 

Dr Jubaer Ahmed 

Dr Lourdes Alwis 

Dr Kehinde Babaagba 

Dr Oluwaseun Bamgboye 

Dr Christos Chrysoulas 

Dr Ciprian Coman  

Dr Kia Dashtipour 

Dr Brian Davison 

Dr Khristin Fabian 

Dr Keng Gao 

Dr Christopher Guiver 

Dr Kevin Hughes  

Dr Zakwan Jaroucheh 

Dr Abdeffateh Kerrouche 

Dr Babis Koniaris 

Dr Luigi La Spada 

Dr Pierre Le Bras 

Dr Leni Le Goff 

Dr Libu Manjakkal 

Dr Naghmeh Moradpoor 

Dr Naser Ojaroudi Parchin 

Dr Taoxin Peng 

Dr Nikolaos Pitropakis 

Dr Simon Powers 

Dr Kevin Sim 

Dr Andreas Steyven 

Dr Firdaus Muhammad Sukki 

Dr Sarah Thomson 

Dr Efstathios Tingas 

Dr Amjad Ullah 

Dr Neil Urquhart 

Dr Simon Wells 

Dr Yanchao Yu 

Dr Yuyang Zhou

Research Associates/Fellows

Dr Adewale Adetomi 

Mr Usman Anwar

Dr Arif Reza Anwary 

Dr Mandar Gogate 

Dr Adele Goman

Dr Dorothy Hardy 

Dr Dave Howcroft 

Dr Tassadaq Hussain 

Dr Erfan Loweimi 

Dr Quentin Renau 

Dr Carl Strathearn