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MetaSurface Structure Design and Channel Modelling for THz Band Communications
  Recently, a huge interest has been raised in controlling and manipulating electromagnetic waves by means of MetaSurfaces. This type of material makes possible the control of phase and amplitude of electromagnetic waves paving the way of different applications, like cloaking and communications in THz band. In this paper, we propose a novel approach for designing metasurface-based structures that are independent from the geometry and the frequency. As a proof of concept, we realize a 3D curvilinear metasurface and we show this approach can be effectively applied in different applications. In particular, for the THz-based system, we consider a transmitting antenna emitting a signal that impinges on the metasurface. Our analysis focuses on the evaluation of the attenuation of the incident signal on the metasurface in respect of characteristic design parameters, the length of the medium and the frequency.


La Spada, L., Loscri, V., & Vegni, A. M. (2019). MetaSurface Structure Design and Channel Modelling for THz Band Communications.


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