KTP Miracl
  Set against a background of ever- increasing amounts of online data traffic and storage , overcomplicated and non-user-friendly security measures and ever-increasing ways to bypass that security, the overall vision for this project is to revolutionise the way data is accessed and delivered in a secure and private manner
MIRACL has been leading the way in developing unique authentication services for companies and their clients, however they have recognised they are sitting on a underlying technology which has the capability of being much more and there is further work to be done to achieve even more finely tuned security and privacy.
The key innovation of the project is to combine MIRACL’s current patented technology with the latest developments and thinking in cryptography such as Attribute Based Access Control and Zero-Knowledge Proofs. MIRACL’s goal is to enable its customers to maintain secure data content in such a way that it is cryptographically protected and inaccessible except only to those who adhere to tailored and assigned policies that govern the usage of that data.- underpinning a transformational change in the security/privacy for organisations in a wide range of sectors across the globe.

  • Start Date:

    24 April 2023

  • End Date:

    23 October 2025

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    Externally Funded Research

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