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Is the jury still out? the decision making processes of jurors

2015 - 2018
My PhD compared the decision making processes and outcomes of jurors in a three-verdict system (where jurors can give a guilty, a not guil...
Dr Lee Curley | Director of Studies: Dr Rory MacLean | Second Supervisor: Dr Jennifer Murray

An analysis of nudging as a social marketing technique using Front of Pack nutrition labels: A study of women's perceptions of food labels

2014 - 2019
Dr Clidna Soraghan | Director of Studies: Dr Elaine Mercer-Jones | Second Supervisor: Prof John Ensor

A meta-analysis and controlled evaluation of short term pyschological intervention for acute mental health inpatients

2014 - 2018
There is evidence to suggest that psychological therapies for severe mental health ...
Charlotte Paterson | Director of Studies: Prof Thanos Karatzias | Second Supervisor: Prof Paul Hutton

Investigating the performance and underlying mechanisms of a novel screening measure for developmental dyslexia: implications for early identification

2013 - 2018
This PhD focuses on the sensorimotor theory of dev...
Dr Barbara Piotrowska | Director of Studies: Dr Jennifer Murray | Second Supervisor: Dr Rory MacLean

The effectiveness of a stage-1 psychoeducational intervention versus waiting list to stabilise complex interpersonal trauma symptomatology in female offenders

2013 - 2019
Dr Adam Mahoney | Director of Studies: Prof Thanos Karatzias | Second Supervisor: Prof Paul Hutton

Creativity and attention: a multi-method investigation

2011 - 2016
Dr Lindsey Carruthers | Director of Studies: Dr Alex Willis | Second Supervisor: Dr Rory MacLean