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Evaluating the landscape-scale benefits of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems for freshwater biodiversity

2022 - date
Kirsty MacArthur | Director of Studies: Prof Robert Briers | Second Supervisor: Dr Jennifer Dodd

Dissolved oxygen and pH variability within seagrass meadows: mitigators of ocean acidification and potential refugia for CaCO3 dependent organisms?

2021 - date
Ahmed Mohamed | Director of Studies: Prof Mark Huxham | Second Supervisor: Prof Karen Diele

The effects of parasites on food web structure and dynamics: new ways to improve accuracy and ecological realism

2021 - date
Tully Osmond | Director of Studies: Dr Luke Holman

Marine Soundscapes and eDNA for Assessing Biodiversity and Functioning of Re-establishing European Flat Oyster Reefs, Ostrea edulis

2021 - date
Mr Magnus Janson | Director of Studies: Prof Karen Diele | Second Supervisor: Prof Emma Hart

Manipulation of the plant microbiome to improve the quality and safety of fresh plant produce.

2021 - date
Adam Wareing | Director of Studies: Prof Ian Singleton | Second Supervisor: Dr Nick Wheelhouse

Methane-derived carbon in upland stream foodwebs: characteristics and significance for carbon cycles

2020 - date
Mike Hinchliffe | Director of Studies: Prof Robert Briers | Second Supervisor: Dr Aimeric Blaud

Developing gregarine apicomplexans as aquatic symbiosis model system

2020 - date
Kevin Mckinley | Director of Studies: Dr Nick Wheelhouse

The effects of anthropogenic noise playbacks on marine invertebrates

2014 - 2018
Anthropogenic noise has profoundly changed the acoustic environment of aquatic habitats, and is known to negatively affect many taxa...
Dr Matt Wale | Director of Studies: Prof Karen Diele | Second Supervisor: Prof Robert Briers

William Hope Hodgson's borderlands: monstrosity, other worlds, and the future at the fin de siecle

2003 - 2009
Dr Emily Alder | Director of Studies: Prof Linda Dryden | Second Supervisor: Sara Wasson

Soundscape mapping: comparing listening experiences

0 - 2011
The perceived auditory environment is an increasingly important part of people’s everyday interactive experiences. While sound design is an establish...
Dr Iain McGregor | Director of Studies: Prof David Benyon | Second Supervisor: Dr Phil Turner