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Shared ownership and use of vehicles in the Autonomous Vehicle era.

2017 - 2022
Shared ownership and ridership models to determine driverless car use in Edinburgh This research explores the shared ownership and ri...
Mr. Sayed Faruque | Director of Studies: Prof Achille Fonzone | Second Supervisor: Dr Grigorios Fountas

Impact of ubiquitous real-time information on bus passenger route choice

2015 - 2018
Real Time Travel Information (RTTI) systems deliver information to a wide range of travellers using different modes, with the ai...
Mr Faqhrul Islam | Director of Studies: Prof Achille Fonzone | Second Supervisor: Dr Andrew MacIver

Identifying barriers to the implementation of bus policy at a local level in Great Britain using a decision support framework

2015 - 2018
Transport policies are developed to manage the social, environmental and ec...
Dr Clare McTigue | Director of Studies: Prof Tom Rye | Second Supervisor: Dr Jason Monios

Modelling and analysing cyclist road safety performance in Scotland: a safety in numbers perspective

2015 - 2019
Vulnerable Road User (VRU) road safety performance lags behind the improvements achieved among motor...
Suzanne Meade | Director of Studies: Dr Kathryn Stewart | Second Supervisor: Ian Smith

Implementing urban freight policy measures: using local transport policies to support urban consolidation centres

2015 - 2021
Urban freight transportation (UFT) is concerned with the movement of goods in urban are...
Dr Emine Akgun | Director of Studies: Prof Achille Fonzone | Second Supervisor: Dr Jonathan Cowie

The Influence of Illuminated Road Studs on Safe Driving Behaviour

2015 - date
The aim of this research is to identify and quantify the changes to driver behaviour, with a specific emphasis on safety, that result f...
Richard Llewellyn | Director of Studies: Dr Jonathan Cowie | Second Supervisor: Mike Maher

The role of technical efficiency and productivity evolution in port development: An application to the Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) ports

2013 - 2018
The role of technical efficiency and product...
Shelly-Ann Julien | Director of Studies: Dr Jason Monios | Second Supervisor: Prof Tom Rye

The potential for 'green' fiscal policy measures to influence individuals' vehicle purchasing decisions in Scotland

2009 - 2015
This research focuses upon measures targeting individuals’ future vehicle purchasing ...
Dr Sarah Borthwick Saddler | Director of Studies: Michael Carreno | Second Supervisor: Kevin Cullinane

2000 - 2007
Dr Kathryn Stewart | Director of Studies: Mike Maher | Second Supervisor: Austyn Smyth