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Development of a Patient Centred Assessment tool for hospital discharge planning among ICU survivors: PCAM-ICU

2021 - 2022
People who survive Intensive Care (ICU) have complex support needs due to pre-existing illness and the new, long‐term impact of critical illness. Hospital discharge planning currently fails to identif...
Funder: Chief Scientists Office | Value: £936

We don’t care how much it hurts (but we do care about nociception)

2021 - 2022
Pain experience is a notoriously difficult construct to measure as it is inherently subjective and personal, yet some sort of metric is required to monitor symptoms and treatments and is the necessary...
Funder: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | Value: £3,925

Implementation, at Scale, of a Model to support NICE Guidelines for the Management of Osteoarthritis (OA) in Primary Care

2019 - 2021
Musculoskeletal pain in adults over the age of 45 is the number one cause of disability world-wide and osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common cause of pain and disability (Global Burden of Disease 201...
Funder: University of Dundee | Value: £34,899

The influence of aerobic exercise training to attenuate chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity and vascular dysfunction in breast cancer and leukaemia patients

2018 - 2021
This project will be based in the Sport, Exercise and Health Research theme within the School of Applied Sciences, and is led by Dr. Mark Ross, Miss Karen Campbell and Professor Geraint Florida-James ...
Funder: ENU Development Trust | Value: £58,079

Improving quality of life and swallowing function in patients with head and neck cancer: Development and feasibility of a Swallowing Intervention Package (SIP)

2016 - 2017
Due to increasing incidence, more intensive treatment and improved survival, a growing number of head and neck cancer (HNC) survivors experience long-term swallowing difficulties, profoundly affecting...
Funder: Chief Scientists Office | Value: £1,215