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Cyclic performance of rubber-soil mixtures to enhance seismic protection

2015 - 2020
The main aim of the project seeks to enhance the resistance of the soil foundation against seismic events with the introduction ...
Dr Juan Bernal-Sanchez | Director of Studies: Dr John McDougall | Second Supervisor: Dr Daniel Barreto Gonzalez

Impact of climate change and envelope performance dilapidation on dwellings

2012 - 2019
"This study looks at addressing the issues concerning environmentally conscious homes and reviewing how efficiently they comp...
Dr Julio Bros Williamson | Director of Studies: Prof John Currie | Second Supervisor: Dr Celine Garnier

Photogrammetric and stereo vision techniques for evaluating material properties in timber and timber-based composite structures

2010 - 2016
Dr Ahmed Mohamed | Director of Studies: Prof Johnson Zhang | Second Supervisor: Prof Abdy Kermani

Moisture conditions in external timber cladding: field trials and their design implications

2004 - 2011
This research was funded by the EU Northern Periphery Programme as part of a trans-national project titled: E...
Dr Ivor Davies | Director of Studies: Charles Fairfield | Second Supervisor: Alastair Stupart

The Toxicological Effects of PM10 Components On Lung Cells

2001 - 2004
Prof Gary Hutchison

Novel Processing and Characterisation of Anodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)

2001 - 2007
Solid oxide fuel cells are an important strand of future energy provision, offering high efficiency, compactness and ...
Dr Neil Shearer | Director of Studies: Alan Davidson | Second Supervisor: Janos Hajto